About US

About Us

Gbadurabi Farms (trading as St James Integrated Farms)

St. James Integrated Farms is an existing farm dedicated to the cultivation and production of Cashew crop.

St. James Integrated Farms was incorporated under Nigerian Laws, located at Igbo-Okuta in Ikorodu, Lagos state and Lalate Ibarapa LGA in Oyo State.

St. James Integrated Farms wishes to become a leading producer of Cashew crop for the personal and industrial consumption of the Nigerian populace and for export purposes.

By leveraging on a well thought out business plan executed by a skilled management team, St. James Integrated Farm will generate over N100,000,000 in year five in the course of production of Cashew crop.

Company Summary

St. James Integrated Farms is a Lagos State based farm that currently grows a variety of farm produces like maize, melons, cucumbers, okra and tomatoes.

The company has been incorporated as a limited liability company under Nigerian Laws. The farm has been in existence for a couple of years now; it continues to operate as a profit producing business.

Company History

St. James Integrated Farms has been in operation for two years. Initially it was started as a small business that could augment the income of the founder; Rev James Oluwatimiro. After the second year, the business founder decided to turn it into a full industrial concern that can outlive him and also contribute positively to the gross domestic product of the country.

St. James Integrated Farms has chosen the serene towns of Igbo-okuta in ikorodu, Lagos state and Lalate Ibarapa LGA in Oyo State as ideal places to grow cashew crops.

St. James Integrated Farms has 100 acres of land in both places which they use for cultivation and production.



To be one of the country’s leading integrated farms, leveraging on cutting edge technology well motivated staff and ethical practices while providing satisfying returns to our stakeholders.


To provide good food for excellent customers, boost food security in the country and enhance well being of our country’s Citizenry.


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St. James Integrated Farms has identified three key objectives for the business: